5 steps towards making solar energy possible & profitable.

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Even small changes and systems can make a difference on your utility expenses!

Our process for makingĀ solar energy possible & profitable.

  • Step #1 : Fill-out the form to the right.

We keep you information private and will NOT spam you. We simply use it to connect and better understand your needs.

  • Step #2: Get a free estimate and site evaluation.

After filling out the form, well contact you to schedule an appointment to assess your average savingsĀ via an on-site evaluation.

  • Step #3: Design an Energy Plan to fit your needs.

We will design and engineer a customized energy system tailored to your specific needs.

  • Step #4: Schedule a Professional installation:

Our installation team has extensive experience in commercial and residential alternative energy applications.

  • Step #5:

Learn how to monitor your new system.

Our wireless-remote/internet based monitoring option give you the control and freedom to track how much your system is producing, saving, and other hero-status data.

2 thoughts on “5 steps towards making solar energy possible & profitable.

  1. Hi there,
    I took one of the solar classes in April. We will be moving to Goshen, IN in the later part of June. We are thinking about doing solar panels on the roof over the garage. I’m wondering if we can get a quote for how much it might be to put solar panels on the south end of the garage roof (assuming we fill in the entire south garage roof). I remember from the class that you can use aerial map to estimate how many panels would fit and the cost. Furthermore, how many kWh would these generate. Thanks.

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