Solar applications work on all types of building and for numerous purposes, but we have seen our greatest success on the agricultural end.

Here at Solar Energy, we will take the time to sit down with you and figure out what system will work best for your situation.  Contact us for a FREE site evaluation and we will show you not only how to cut down your current cost, but the outstanding benefits of going to a renewable energy source!

Last year we installed a system for a farmer in Decatur, Indiana and here is what he had to say, My solar system is wonderful. Last November, [2013],  when all those dreary days hit 41% of the energy I used for my repair shop, livestock, grain storage, and farmhouse came from solar power I could not be happier with my new solar system and the team who installed it.


UPDATE on farm.  A few weeks ago, this is what he had to say, We are still tickled to death with the system.  Havent had to pay an electric bill now for 3 month other the service charge!   This is what we love to hear! Check out some of our agricultural solar projects below