LED Lighting

Solar Energy is proud to offer you Ameri-Light LED bulbs.   Ameri-Light offers LED lighting options for grid-tie (AC) and off grid (DC) applications.   LED bulbs are versatile for all weather conditions ranging from hot to freezing and even work well in walk-in freezers and showcase freezers.  By working together with Ameri-Light, we can custom design bulbs and circuits according to your specifications.

Changing from one incandescent bulb to an LED bulb can save you almost $200 over the lifetime of that LED bulb. This means the $25 you spend on one will be well worth the investment. These light bulbs can also be given certain colors to glow when turned on. They can either be given a warm light, similar to that of an incandescent; or a white light, which is like a fluorescent.

These light bulbs arent just cost efficient for lighting purposes but they will also save you money on your electric bill! These light bulbs are some of the most efficient which will help provide you with a more green solution to lighting and help you save money overall!


Below is a conference room we changed out for the Nappanee Chamber.  Since then, they were so impressed by the drastic difference from before, they have decided to change out the entire building, inside and out!!

Bulb terminology:


Watts are the basic unit that measures power.  By knowing how many watts a bulb uses, we know how much energy it uses, but not necessarily the amount of light produced.


Lumens are used to measure how much light passes through a given area per second.  The more lumens emitted by a bulb, the more light it gives off.

Color Temperature

Color temperature refers to the hue of a light source.  A lower temperature looks more warm and produces a yellow to red hue.  A higher temperature looks more cool and produces a blue hue.

We can match any shade of white!