Mounting Systems

Ground Mount vs. Roof Mount

When deciding on where to put your solar system, there are a few things to consider.  First, look at your roof; is it facing south or southwest?  If not, then a ground mount will work best.  Do you have several trees that shade your house?  Unless you are willing to cut them down, once again, a ground mount system will work best.  Roof mount systems allow you to utilize your unused roof space.  Additionally, they tend to be less expensive to install versus a ground mount, which requires trenching and more equipment to be used.


Adjustable racking systems are available if you want the option to tilt the panels at certain angles throughout the year to capture the optimal amount of sunlight.  For most residential homes, ground mounted systems are the easiest way to achieve that.  Ground mounts allow more circulation around the panels, which help them perform when it is cooler outside.  If the rain does not clean the panels off, ground mounts are easier to clean (this rarely will happen).  Lastly, if you do not like the look of panels are your home; a ground mount can be “hidden” a little better.


Even though there is a difference between roof and ground mounts, they produce almost the equal amount of energy.  It just depends on the layout of your house and yard.  Here at Solar Energy Systems, we take the time to sit down with you, hear what your expectations are, and design a system that will work best for you.